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I generally don’t write reviews but am compelled to do so, given how easy data collection has become since I started with AbleSpace. All my paras enter data from their devices, and AbleSpace automatically collates it and prints out beautiful graphs and reports. IEP meetings have become much more fun as a result!
Rebecca Howard
Special Education Teacher
AbleSpace has become my go-to app for data collection. All my data - progress monitoring, assessments, and billing is kept in one place. I can also collect data from my phone during a session, and AbleSpace crunches the numbers for me and generates reports automatically. I am not sure how I was able to ‘SLP’ before this!
Nicole Ward
Speech Language Pathologist
15 years and 6 data systems later, finally I have found the perfect solution for data collection. It is so easy yet so powerful. And love the selection of available graphs.
Kelly Knox
Special Education Teacher
Loved the colors and the ease of progress monitoring. The team has put real effort into building this app, and I see myself using it for years to come.
Ashley Lowe
Speech Language Pathologist
Thank you for being so responsive to my support requests. This will be my most used app for the entire school year. I was also impressed that it has built-in assessments too.
Kathleen Reed
Special Education Teacher
I was surprised to find how simple AbleSpace was to use. I never looked at a tutorial and could figure out most things by myself. There is real value I place on this ease of use.
Debra Hansen
Special Education Teacher
I love the fact that this is an all-in-one package. Data collection, assessments, and therapy materials. Also, everything seems so easy to use.
Emily Solis
Occupational Therapist
I just love how easy it is to collect data with AbleSpace. I have tried multiple data collection systems but always found myself returning to pen and paper since they were difficult to use. Not with AbleSpace, though. It will surely be the most used app for me this year.
Veronica Ponce
Physical Therapist
Finally, a system where paras can take data. I am tired of losing data sheets and carrying binders with student data; this is exactly what I was aiming at for the new school year.
Tara Flores
Special Education Teacher
I found the team responsive to my suggestions. A few of the ideas I presented have already been implemented, and I am told some others should be live soon. I am impressed with the pace of execution.
Sarah Wong
Speech Language Pathologist
Math has never been my strong suit, and I have always worried if I am collecting data the right way. AbleSpace has allowed me to focus on my teaching by simplifying progress monitoring for me.
Jill Walker
Special Education Teacher
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