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IEP Goal Tracking for Your Special Ed Department

Ease the burden of paperwork on providers, and enhance compliance by leveraging the power of digital data

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Boost compliance with digital workflows
Save Teacher Time

Save Teacher Time

One-click data collection, collaboration, and automation of routine tasks like report generation mean teachers can focus on instruction and leave the paperwork to us.

Decide with data

Decide with data

Easier data collection means more data collection. This, married with enhanced data visualization and sharing, promotes data-driven instruction for the entire team.

Improve Compliance

Improve Compliance

Instantaneous reports, smart reminders, and a bird's eye view of the department through the admin dashboard ensure administrators have a pulse on real-time compliance.


Data Privacy You Can Count On

AbleSpace prioritizes the privacy and security of student data and complies with various regulations, including HIPAA, FERPA, and statewide regulations like NYS Ed Law 2-D, ensuring that your sensitive information is always protected. Our platform is designed with multiple layers of security, including state-of-the-art encryption techniques, strict access controls, and regular audits and assessments to ensure that we are continuously meeting regulatory requirements.

School/District Features

Stay compliant with our admin dashboard. Real-time monitoring of therapist data and student performance.
Admin Dashboard
Stay ahead of compliance requirements with our admin dashboard. Allows admins to monitor therapist data and student performance in real-time.
Seamlessly integrate with your IEP and Student Information Systems
Integrations with IEP systems
We can integrate with your Student Information Systems and IEP systems and automatically pull in student demographic data and goals.
Connect effortlessly with popular single sign-on (SSO) providers such as Google, PowerSchool, Clever, and more.
We can integrate with most single sign on providers like Google, PowerSchool, Clever etc.
Unlock advanced collaboration between teachers and clinicians
Multi provider collaborations
Advanced collaboration between teachers and clinicians enabled
Comprehensive training and support included
Training and Support
Staff and admin training provided with every purchase. Live chat and email support available throughout the year.

Frequently Used Documents

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Card Accessory
File Folder

W9 Form

Required by districts to set up as a vendor

Card Accessory
File Folder

Sole Source Letter

Required by districts to set up as a vendor

Say goodbye to pen and paper as AbleSpace simplifies day-to-day data collection with just a click, handling the rest seamlessly.

How is it different from other IEP systems I already have?

Other IEP systems help you author IEPs and generate compliance reports. But the day to day data collection is being done on pen and paper. This is where AbleSpace comes in. You enter data with a click, and AbleSpace takes care of the rest.

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Funding Sources

K-12 educational institutions, both at the school and district levels, have access to a range of federal and statewide opportunities to fund AbleSpace purchases

Funding AbleSpace purchases
Frequently Asked Questions
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