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Privacy Policy
Updated 1 October, 2022
Effective Date
Oct 1. 2022
Education Law §2-d requires each educational agency to develop and post certain information to its website, most importantly, the parent bill of rights. The parent bill of rights in accordance with New York laws requires districts to protect student data privacy by not releasing or selling personally identifiable information for commercial purposes, allowing parents to access and review their child's education records, implementing industry standard security measures such as encryption and password protection, making a list of student data elements collected publicly available, addressing any complaints of data breaches, and including specific information in contracts with third parties like AbleSpace.

Our agreements with school districts comply with the regulations outlined by Education Law 2-D. The following documents can be accessed

1. Parent Bill Of Rights
2. Data Collected in AbleSpace
3. Privacy Policy
4. Terms of Service

We are also HIPAA and FERPA compliant. A default Business Associate Agreement is applicable as soon as a provider signs up to AbleSpace, which can be accessed here.

We are also open to signing custom privacy policy agreements and BAA.
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